Greenfield Rehabilitation Agency - Philosophy


Greenfield Rehabilitation Agency, Inc. is a therapist owned and operated company dedicated to Leading the Way in rehabilitation services in Wisconsin. Our purpose is to provide the latest evidence based treatment for our patients while functioning within State and Federal guidelines and integrating the facility’s policies and philosophies as they relate to rehab services. Greenfield Rehab Agency is focused on putting the patient first and developing systems and processes to ensure that communication with our partners is seamless and efficient. We pride ourselves on our expertise in the provision and billing of therapy services to ensure regulatory compliance. We understand the importance of training and education to ensure that the services provided are documented and billed accurately. Our Regional Directors are all certified as RAC-C (Resident Assessment Coordinators - Certified) through AANAC (American Association of Nurse Assessment Coordinators) to ensure exceptional support for our teams to ensure the MDS is accurately capturing the individual patient's acuity. Even though we are a therapy vendor, our goal is to eliminate all perceived barriers and function as an integral part of your team.

Greenfield Rehab Agency operates in harmony with the code of ethics established by the American Physical Therapy Association, the American Occupational Therapy Association and the American Speech and Hearing Association. It is the policy of Greenfield Rehab Agency to comply with applicable State and Federal employment laws and Federal Rehab Agency guidelines.

Our guiding principle has been that if we put the patient first, create efficient systems and processes for communication, and develop strong relationships with our partners, success will follow. Healthcare continues to evolve and change, and Greenfield Rehab Agency is committed to Leading the Way in Rehabilitation Services to continue to secure our place in the marketplace. There are a lot of choices for therapy services in Wisconsin, but we firmly believe that our history has proven our value and we will continue to Lead the Way in Rehabilitation Services for years to come.