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Greenfield Rehab Agency has been leading the way in Wisconsin for physical, occupational and speech therapy services for 49 years. Where you are looking for our expertise with the senior client in your skilled nursing facility, senior community or home health agency or looking to partner with us for your children's therapy needs through our children's services division in Rehab Resources, Greenfield Rehab Agency can meet your needs.

We are recognized in Wisconsin in the therapy industry for achieving superior outcomes, but never forgetting how important it is to always put the client first. Our expertise in understanding the regulatory implications of our different practice environments ensure that the services are reimbursed and stand up to review from outside agencies. If you have an in house therapy program in your senior living community and are looking for an expert to help you manage, Greenfield Rehab Agency is the perfect fit offering a Wisconsin based partner to ensure your success.

Contact us today to find out how Greenfield Rehab Agency can help you achieve your goals!